Portrait Series

Object Portraits

This series of portraits was made just after the Word Portraits (further down this page).

Artists Made in in a style similar to their work (Da Vinci's cross-hatching, Warhol's evenly-spaced cans, and Van Gogh's flowing brush strokes)

Leonardo Da Vinci

Made of Stylized Italian Flags

Andy Warhol

Made of Soup Cans

Vincent Van Gogh

Made of Stylized Flags of the Netherlands

Orville Wright

The Plan is to eventually create this physically, using a paper airplane to replace every triangle

Breakdown of layers

White House of Cards

Roger Federer

Made of tennis balls. This work was also done physically (in the tab "Large Projects")

Russian Nesting Doll made of Russian Nesting dolls made of the Russian word for Russian Nesting Doll (матрёшка)

Russian Bear

This Brown Bear (National Animal of Russia) and the Birch Trees in the background (National Tree of Russia) are made out of Russian stories (in Russian) and out of Tetris (the most popular video game to come out of Russia)

Word Portraits

The Word Portrait Series is a series of over 100 pieces Ben started in college as an 8 piece project for his senior exhibition. The original works were made in Microsoft Word, and then later works were made in Adobe Illustrator. The process involved making a text box and placing all the text to be used in the art in the box. Then, Ben would go line by line and put spaces between the words to create light. Going back would not be possible in most circumstances, so when a line was finished, it had to stay that way forever. Because of this, there are many failed pieces from when Ben was perfecting the process. On average, a word portrait would take around 12 hours. The longest a word portrait ever took to make is over 1000 hours (that one is in the "Large Projects" tab and was created after the initial Word Portrait series was finished).


Shepard Fairey

Made of Fairey quotes


Made of Picasso quotes

Salvador Dali

Made of a Dali Quote

The Beatles

The Beatles logo is made of Beatles song titles. Each of the Beatles is made of a song that Beatle wrote.





Pop Culture

The Hulk (Commission)


Made of Yoda Quotes in the style of the Star Wars opening text sequence


Made of binary code

Toy Story Aliens

Made of Toy Story Alien Quotes

The Mask


Cookie Monster

The Silence

Made of tally marks

He Who Must Not Be Named



Made of the years his time machine travelled to

The Dude

Made of The Dude Quotes


Multiple Figures

Elvis Presley

Made of Elvis Songs

Wizard of Oz

"And You Were There"

Fight Club

Made of Fight Club Quotes

Michael Jackson

TV on the Radio

Gene Simmons

Hellen Keller

Made of an excerpt from her book (in braille). Ben learned Braille in order to make this piece and the Daredevil pieces)

Alexander Graham Bell

Made of Bell's quotes in Sign Language

Susan B. Anthony

Masked Heroes


Hit Girl

Daredevil (Red Costume)

Made of Daredevil Quotes (in Braille)


Made of Daredevil Quotes (in Braille)

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp 1

Made out of Johnny Depp's character quotes

Johnny Depp 2

Made out of Johnny Depp's character quotes

Real People


David Beckham

Marilyn Monroe

Neil Armstrong

Made of the conversation with Mission Control from when Armstrong was on the moon

Bill Gates

Made of code from the Microsoft website

Aaron Crow

(commisioned piece)

The Dalai Lama

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Pope

John Lennon

Mahatma Gandhi

Albert Einstein


Liberty Enlightening the World


Cover Spring 2020 Issue of New York University Alumni Magazine (Commissioned Work)

The Thinker

For this work, Ben made the Thinker using his usual process. This took around 20 hours. After that, he made a series of different backgrounds for the magazine's graphic designer to choose from. The Thinker and the background are both made of binary code (This was the Tech theme issue). The magazine title was also made of binary code.

Process of making the Thinker:

Various Backgrounds: