Private Label Nutraceuticals

Ben was a Graphic Designer for Private Label Nutraceuticals 2014-2018. This consisted of designing labels for various sized bottles and boxes, as well as designing the brand of supplement-selling companies from scratch. This included creating the logos for companies that did not have one coming in. The companies spanned all over the world, and the labels had to adapt to the rules of the countries in which they would be sold (such as language and sizes and location of text). The job also required making mockups for bottles and boxes so that clients could see what the product would look like before the labels were printed.

Amazing Vitamins


Bloom Springs

Body Science

Body Wrap

Food Labels

(This One was done after working for PLN)

I Slimming

I3 Nutrition


Make Your Mark Nutrition

Mega Natural Herbs

Miami Fit

My Resolution Lab


Pleasant Hill

Reborn Labs

Cream Labels

Soma Ceuticals

Sports Fit

Stern Healing

TLC Health